Hormone Reset


When all else fails, it’s time to look at your hormones.

We’ve all been there at one point or another.

We want to lose weight but can’t, and it seems like the extra kilos also create a domino effect on our lives – depression, low self-esteem, stress, skin problems.

We remember a time when youth used to solve all those problems. . . but now? Not so much.

When you eat all the good foods, and you focus on exercising every day, but still aren’t seeing results, a hormone imbalance may be the culprit.

And on top of the resistant, stubborn weight, you probably also experience one or more of these:

  • Night sweats
  • Hot flashes
  • Fibroids
  • PCOS
  • Ovarian Cysts
  • Heavy or irregular periods
  • Mood struggles
  • Brain fog
  • Loss of concentration
  • Acne/Psoriasis/Eczema
  • Thyroid issues
  • Lack of libido
  • Constant fatigue

I know how you feel at the end of the day: Like you just want to drag your tired body onto the couch and give up.

I’ve been there.

And let me tell you – I know how frustrating it can be sometimes.

You want to feel healthy again, and energetic, and full of life, sexy and confident, don’t you?

The body is a machine. And when you find the right balance and the proper way to maintain this amazing machine, your life can change dramatically.

Did you know that there are certain foods that you can eat that will help with all of this?

This is what we will do in my new
Hormone Reset Program.


We’ll discover the right foods for your unique body.

I created this 4-month program to literally eradicate all the lack of knowledge you could possibly have about hormones and how they affect your day to day life, and how to maintain hormonal harmony with your body.

This is not another “Health Guru” program where I recommend fad diets, miracle cures, pills and shakes with the promise that “only their cure” will work.

I’m here to empower you to take control of your life and eat nutritious food that actually makes your body work the way it’s designed to… without pain and struggle.

Because the truth is. . . Our bodies are amazing.

They can heal us and support us when we care for them and learn to listen to their needs.

You can lose weight easily and keep it off, regain your glowing skin, strengthen your hormonal health, get rid of night sweats; regain your energy and so much more!

It’s just a matter of obtaining the right tools.

That’s why I created the Hormone Reset Program.


In our time together, you will:

  • Reduce or eliminate night sweats and hot flashes
  • Reduce irregular, heavy or painful periods as well as PMS symptoms
  • Start to shift very stubborn resistant weight
Get rid of recurring headaches
Reduce stress
  • Stabilize moods and irritability
  • Wake up feeling rested and refreshed
Access the energy your body needs to stay active all day
  • Nourish dull skin and hair
  • Boost libido

Hello! My name is Dana Dinnawi.

Over the past 18 months I felt things start to shift in my body… changes I couldn’t explain. And it felt like my daily habits just weren’t working anymore.

My weight started to creep up (AGAIN), even though it’s been stable for the past 5 years through clean eating alone.

It never occurred to me that it could possibly be my hormones and I’m a health coach!

Because I ALREADY EAT super clean and I lead a healthy lifestyle, and I didn’t have any of the “classic” perimenopause symptoms:

My period is ridiculously regular.

I don’t have cramps.

I don’t get PMS like I did in my 30s (pre clean-eating).

I don’t get moody or weepy.

I don’t binge.

I sleep well.

I use all-natural beauty products.

I don’t have chronic acne or any breakouts.

My workouts weren’t the best, but a few days a week at least.

I tweaked my eating; I would do a 3 day juice cleanse here and there and still nothing. Not one gram.

I literally reached a point where I was at my wit’s end.

But then I started getting night sweats. And like most women, it didn’t register at first that these were “night sweats”. I thought maybe the AC wasn’t on high enough that night; or the covers were too heavy; or I should’ve worn lighter pajamas.

So I paid attention. And I discovered a pattern. The night sweats would start around the time of my ovulation and occur intermittently until my period came. I wasn’t sure yet what triggered them and to add to the mystery, some months they only happened once and some months they happened night after night.

I also discovered I had fibroids.

And fibroids are a DEFINITE sign of a hormonal imbalance, specifically estrogen dominance.

And because I follow a holistic approach to health, and I don’t resort to meds, I had to learn how to bio-hack my fibroids; the estrogen dominance and the night sweats.


It took several months of trial and error, but I’m now completely symptom-free.

So, of course, I want to show you how to do this too:)

Because it’s not “normal” or a “given” that this next stage of our lives should be difficult or uncomfortable.

Like I said, Our bodies are amazing

They are built for balance and to balance our lives.

When something is not quite right with them,
we feel it… everywhere.

What you need right now is the ability to understand how your body works and how to test for hormonal imbalances.

Doctors are not magicians. And we must learn to be our own advocates.

My new Hormone Reset Program will teach you how to do all this, plus how to listen to your body, and all the different ways your hormones will work with your body parts to create the optimal harmony.

A lot of the clients that come to me arrive with so many different symptoms and the last thing they think is that they may have a hormonal imbalance.

That even happened to me–and I’m a health coach:) But that’s exactly what they are suffering from and once they attack this issue, their lives change forever.

Experience my Hormone Reset Program.

A one-of-a-kind experience that goes beyond weight loss, dieting and conventional beauty methods so you can finally have the energy, vitality and confidence to take on the world.

When you look and feel good on the inside, you look and feel good on the outside too.

As a busy woman with many roles in life – mother, wife, friend, daughter, professional and member of various communities – you might have unknowingly let “life” take over before you realize you haven’t been feeling like yourself lately.

And you haven’t been looking like yourself either.

Your metabolism isn’t what it used to be. You barely recognize the reflection in the mirror as you wonder what happened over the past 10 years.

It’s nothing earth-shattering, yet over the years you’ve put on those 5 – 10 kilos that just won’t come off, no matter how hard you try.

You are fed up with yo-yo dieting – the rollercoaster of getting short-term results… then gaining all the weight back and then some is getting tiresome.

You doubt you have the willpower to keep going like this… yet the thought of throwing in the towel and staying overweight, tired and feeling and looking old forever terrifies you.

But it’s not just the body that seems to be slipping away…

Behind being a successful mother, wife and professional, you’re experiencing more emotional turmoil. There are days when your mood swings get the better of you, and days when you just want to curl up and stay in bed all day.

You feel exhausted chasing after what you “should” do and how things “should” look like in life.

You feel guilty for not being good enough for the people you love most even though you do everything in your power to make them happy.

You’re out of time, out of energy and seemingly out of options.

You know this isn’t YOU.

You know there’s something much better just around the corner.

You’re ready for a change.

You’re ready to feel great in your body and confident in every area of your life.

You’re ready to try something new.

Most importantly: You’re ready to live a healthy, happy, stress-free life that allows you to spend more time with the people who truly matter.

We’ve all been there. Feeling so many different symptoms, feeling unhealthy and wondering what happened to that vibrant version of ourselves.


Hormones have a huge role to play in your body.

When they are not being maintained, they can cause so much havoc in your life. AT LIFE.

There are tons of different resources out there claiming to have all the solutions to your problems. You may have given up on your doctor as well. It happens.

You may suffer from anxiety, palpitations, are overweight and exhausted. What happened? Where did you stop being YOU?

Let me help you stabilize your body again. Let me help you regain your energy and transform you into the best version of yourself.

Wouldn’t you love to start seeing results, feeling better, losing the extra pounds, being able to fit in your favorite skinny jeans, and have glowing skin?

There are tons of people out there right now facing the overwhelming task of getting back their health: taking pills, drinking smoothies, following the latest fad diet. And in the end, they are burnt out. You don’t have to be another one of those.

I’ve got your back! Let me give you the tools you need to reset your hormones!

It’s time to stop chasing your tail on the cycle of yo-yo dieting and trying every single up-and-coming skin product on the market.

It’s time to reveal the secret to having health, vitality, fresh-faced skin at every age; time, energy and resources you need so you can do what matters.

While getting into a size 4 dress can be gratifying, it’s NOTHING compared to how you feel after optimizing every area of your life.

Give me time, and we’ll reset your life.

That’s what my Hormone Reset Program is all about.

My Hormone Reset Program will help you gain an understanding of your body, how your hormones work in sync with your body and why you may be experiencing some really crazy and unrelenting symptoms right now.

You will also learn how to become an advocate for yourself when you go to the doctor’s office. There’s nothing more effective than knowledge in the journey to a healthy life.

You will also find some very interesting information regarding the use of everyday instruments that may be affecting your hormones too, like things in your beauty products or cookware.


  • Clearer, glowing skin.
  • Better sleep.
  • No anxiety or depression.
  • Strong immune system and gut.
  • Energy to finally do the things you love.

Join my Hormone Reset Program!

So, what is the Hormone Reset program all about?

This is a life-changing journey where you will discover how to listen to your body and bring hormonal harmony back into your life.

Even your partner will see the difference in you.

You’ll receive all these life-changing goodies as part of your program:


The Hormone Program

Loaded with all the info you need to begin and lay the foundations for a healthier you, filled with energy and longevity.

4 months packed with life-changing information about hormonal balance, from understanding how they work in your body, to your menstrual cycles and even increasing your libido.

You will be with me 4 months working this program together!

Group Support

A Closed Facebook Group for support from me and fellow women.


Food Diary

To keep yourself accountable and keep track of your health.

Recipe Guides

4 Months Meal plan with recipes and grocery lists included. Get a taste of healthy living, one delicious bite at a time. Each recipe will taste sinfully good. No need to get scared of shopping and meal prep… everything is laid out for you.

What makes this program different?


This program is unlike any others. Hormonal balance should be a priority for all of us. It can make or break you, take away from your time with your loved ones, and your passions.

This is the beginning of your journey to optimal health. I have laid out the foundations for you to live the best life you can live. Without the hassle. Without  you having to do hours of research.


Just results.

I got my period without the usual daunting symptoms. Just had minor stomach pain… so amazed! Also, I haven’t suffered a migraine since the 2nd day of the cleanse… that’s a huge thing!

Thank you for making me more powerful and mindful on all levels. It’s been a struggle but I every day I feel more empowered. Once I start to realize this power, there is no looking back.

Rania H

I know it is funny but wanted to share this with you all. I have this pair of jeans that I used to wear all the time before I got pregnant 5 years ago. They haven’t fit since then. They didn’t even get past my knees.

I kept them as a reminder that I need to be that version of me again.

Today, I tried them on and they went all the way up my thighs (it was impossible before) but the button won’t close yet. But I’m thrilled. I literally jumped for joy because I only have few more steps to get there and close this button!

Sohaila A

Today I got my period to my surprise I got it without any symptoms! I’m not irritable, not nervous and no cramps… just a very minor one, not the usual.

Noha R

I know this program is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Reduce or eliminate night sweats and hot flashes
  • Start to shift that stubborn, resistant weight
  • Experience more energy, so you can enjoy your life more without feeling exhausted
  • Reduce irregular, heavy, or painful periods as well as PMS
  • Look and feel younger!
  • Get rid of recurring headaches.
  • Fit into your favorite clothes again!
  • Have gorgeous, glowing skin.
  • Boost libido
  • Stabilize your moods and irritability

Sound like something you’d like to experience?

Then sign up for my Hormone Reset Program

A healthier, more energetic, glowing, stronger you is waiting right around the corner!

Your Investment

Level 1 Self-Study Program


  • 8 weeks of self-paced study modules
  • Access to Facebook Group
  • Email access to me
  • Weekly live trainings where you can ask questions
  • BONUS: 2 extra weeks in the group for more support

Pay in Full $697

Save $100+

2 Payments

2 monthly payments of $400

4 Payments

4 monthly payments of $200

For other forms of payment, email me.

If I knew what I know now, I’d have saved myself suffering and wasted time.

Because when you change how you eat and fuel your body, you empower yourself to take back control, to make better decisions, and to prioritize YOU.

And when you do THAT…it will show.

It all starts with what you eat.

Your parents, friends, and doctors will tell you it’s genetic (and it is).

Your mother has fibroids so you have the fibroids gene. Yes, that’s true.

Your grandmother had cancer. Your chances of getting cancer are high. Yes, also true.

Everyone in your family get wrinkles by the age of 45. Yes, you’re probably right.


What they’re not telling you is this:

Your genetics are only a loaded gun. It’s full alright. With your parent’s genes, your grandparents, your great grandparents and then some.

But this loaded gun will only go off if it’s triggered.

And what are the triggers?

Food and Lifestyle.

So yes, if you EAT and DRINK and MOVE and LIVE in exactly the same way your parents, grandparents and your great grandparents did, you will probably have the same issues they did.

But what if you don’t?

What if you eat different food?

What if you don’t drink as much coffee as your mother did? Or drink as much as your uncle did?

What if you MOVE more? Walk every single day, sweat buckets most days of the week and keep your body and muscles supple and tight?

What if…you go LIVE your life the way YOU want to, not the way EVERYONE else wants you to?

Do you know what will happen then?

It will show. From the inside out.

And your genes?

They’ll get confused. They will retreat, refrain, and evolve with you instead of against you.

All this is to say…

When you combine nutrition + a vibrant life lived on your terms, you change EVERYTHING.

This program goes beyond “dieting.” We’ll rid your body of toxins, drop those extra kilos, revive your skin, flatten your belly, improve digestion, and re-energize your life from the inside out.

In just a few months, you will…

Hit the reset button and reboot your metabolism so you feel more alive than you have in a long time.

Enjoy younger-looking, revived, radiant skin.

Fuel your body properly and gain tons of energy to enjoy everything in life, like spending quality time with your husband and kids.

Feel alert, powerful, and ready to take on the world every day of your life.

Feel comfortable in your own skin and confident in your relationships.

Kick your cravings for sugary, salty foods, and make those guilt-inducing late-night snack attacks a thing of the past.

Eliminate foods that are wreaking havoc on your body, causing symptoms such as brain fog, bloating, digestive issues, mystery aches and more.

Eat in a way that’s good for you and your family, and master recipes that are simple and easy to prepare.

Manage stress and stay grounded so you can savor every moment of your life.

Discover how to exercise in a way that works for you so you can get back in shape without spending hours in the gym or dragging yourself to doing something you don’t enjoy.


Most importantly, you’ll develop YOUR very own blueprint for healthy eating and living that will fuel you for the rest of your life.

You’ll learn how YOUR body works so you can fine-tune and adjust to meet whatever life throws your way.

During the entire 4 months, you’ll have 24/7 unlimited online access to my support and knowledge. I’ll be there with you every step of the way.

You’ll be equipped with the physical and emotional tools to make life-long changes.

You’ll get rid of the diet mentality and do what actually works for YOU.

You’ll let go of the “should” and what no longer serves you, so you can experience TRUE Freedom and TRUE happiness.

In this comprehensive 4-month journey, we’ll build a strong foundation and give you the knowledge and resources to empower your wellness, beauty and your life.

You’ll be guided through a carefully-designed process that takes you all the way to the finish line.

In addition to all the online resources at your fingertips, you will have unlimited support from me along with a community of like-minded women.

My energy levels are back and my skin looks better than ever.

Maie E

Thank you, Dana! This program really works! I was only on day 6 and my period started showing some signs and since yesterday I have it as usual. I thought I was menopausal but it seems that my liver was just exhausted from yo-yo Keto dieting.

Mona A


Here is the basic breakdown of the program. (Subject to change.)

Here are just a handful of the breakthroughs you can expect to experience:

  • Feel more grounded, alert, powerful, and ready to take on the world every day of your life
  • Eliminate the foods wreaking havoc on your hormones
  • Revive your skin from the inside out to be fresh-faced at any age
  • Learn which foods fuel your body instead of depleting your hormones
  • Properly absorb and assimilate food so that your digestive system performs in the way that it’s supposed to
  • Reduce the inflammation that leads to hormonal imbalance, bloating and headaches
  • Reboot your metabolism
  • Learn tools to manage stress

I’ll coach you based on the foods and skincare routines I use in my own life.

I’ve experienced firsthand what works and what doesn’t work, and I know how to help you reduce toxins and inflammation in your body and develop a blueprint for healthy eating that you’ll be able to stick to over time.

I know how to create beauty from the inside out and what works and what doesn’t.

Cleansing can be easy, but support is essential. That’s why working with me is the most effective way for you to make progress and stay on track.

You’ll have FULL access to me every step of the way.

I’ll equip you with the physical and emotional tools you need to make life-long changes. And you’ll let go of that which no longer serves you, so that you can experience TRUE freedom and TRUE happiness — getting rid of the diet mentality, toxic skin products and getting clear on what actually works for you and your hormones.

You’ll get everything you need to succeed
with the Hormone Reset Program.


Weekly Modules with assignments: just the right amount of information, tools and resources to help you make progress without overwhelm.

Cleanse Guide: step-by-step instructions showing you exactly how to cleanse in a safe-and-natural way.

Suggested Meal Plan: never feel deprived, hungry or confused about what to eat or when to eat. You can also use the accompanying blank meal planner to unleash your creativity.

Recipe Collection: recipes created by a chef who understands the importance of supporting the body’s natural detox capability, improving digestion, balancing hormones and reducing inflammation while keeping you feeling satisfied.

Unlimited email support: have your questions answered and get support throughout this entire process without having to wait for the “next appointment.” You’ll never feel alone.

Success Kit: systems, structures, and checklists to help you stay on track and achieve long-term success.

Shopping Lists: make shopping, prepping and cooking a breeze.

Weight Management Tracker: a simple yet effective system to help you stay on track.

Simple-to-Use Food Diary: keep tabs on how your body responds to different foods so you can understand what fuels you and what depletes you, so you can make empowered food choices.

Cheat Sheets: printable PDFs to help you keep all the vital info at your fingertip… because life gets busy!

Private Facebook Group: get amazing support and accountability from a group of like-minded women.

Skincare routine and plan

You’ll receive download links for the materials in your email inbox as soon as you sign up, and you can experience this transformation from the comfort of your own home.

Access information to the private Facebook Group will also be emailed to you once you join the program.

You can always hit reply to any of the emails and have access to me any time. I will respond to your questions personally within 24 hours.

This is a self-study program, which means you can start today. You’ll have access to the program materials — and to me — as soon as you begin. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are “Online Programs” effective?

Absolutely! In fact, you’ll be getting more content based on the latest research, step-by-step instructions and invaluable personal support than working with conventional practitioners such as nutritionists or dieticians.

You don’t have to drag yourself through the traffic, sit in a nutritionist’s waiting room for an hour, only to get a 10-min weigh-in and consult, then walk out with a cookie-cutter boring meal plan that you have no idea how to integrate into your current routine and lifestyle.

You don’t have to figure it all out on your own for the days or weeks between appointments with no help or support available – you can just hit reply to any emails from me and I’ll answer your questions within 24 hours.

You don’t have to endure old-school “chemical diets” or “calorie counting plans” that don’t take into account your bio-individuality and lifestyle preferences.

What if I'm under 45 and not in perimenopause yet?

If you have any of the symptoms I’ve listed above, these are signs that your body and hormones are starting to struggle so this program is just the answer!

My periods are regular, but I still have crazy symptoms like acne and night sweats. Can this help me?
Yes. Usually how regular or irregular your periods are can be the last symptoms of perimenopause to appear. But acne and night sweats are clear symptoms that your hormones are starting to get imbalanced and this program will help to clear those up.
When is the best time to start this program? For example, should I need to wait until the beginning (or the end) of my period?

No, you don’t need to wait for the beginning or the end of your period. You can start now! Let’s reset your hormones so your next period isn’t miserable.

Is it normal to be moody or have tender breasts before or during my period?
It’s normal to feel a few, mild signs that your body is getting ready for menstruation. It’s not normal to have symptoms that overtake your life and daily routines. Ideally, you should feel as little as possible, and that’s what we do in this program.
Will I be starving?

This program is not about starving or depriving you, and it’s not about counting calories. You’ll get recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner — and even snacks in between.

Each delicious recipe is created by a fabulous chef designed to nourish your body from the inside out and ensure you feel satisfied with every bite.

Can I still workout?

Please do! If you feel tired, exercising can help restore your energy. During this program, you’ll be eating protein and drinking plenty of liquids so you don’t have to worry about dehydration or losing muscle mass. If you’ve been exercising regularly, there’s no reason to stop!

It is important to note that, whenever you change your diet your body changes as well. Please talk to your doctor if you have any specific concern about your health.

Am I only going to be drinking juices or smoothies?

No. While there are juices and smoothies for you to choose from in the recipe collection, you’ll also be eating salads, soups, and even desserts that are delicious and nutritious, while supporting your body to eliminate toxins safely and naturally.

Which proteins will I be eating?

You’ll start with plant-based protein and move onto animal-based proteins. The progression will be listed out clearly in your recipes and suggested meals. There are so many “clean eating protein sources” to choose from, I guarantee you won’t get bored with your options!

Do I have to take supplements, pills and powders?

Yes. When the body has reached a tipping point with hormones, there are certain vitamins and minerals that can help rebalance this tipping point  and you’ll learn which ones are best and why in this program.

I'm already gluten- and dairy-free. How can this program help me?

Many people who eat clean can still benefit from an elimination diet. Changing up our foods gives the digestive system time to rest and reset, which can be helpful for anyone — regardless of your current eating habits.

You’re on this page for a reason. Something isn’t working for you. This program can help.

What side effects might I experience?

Some participants go through this program and feel nothing but energized, while others may feel tired or light-headed at first as their bodies eliminate and release stored toxins.

The experience differs from one person to the next, and this program is designed with that in mind so you’ll have access to all the tools you need to keep any unwanted symptom at bay.

I have a known medical condition. Is this program still safe for me?
While this program is based on eating whole foods only, I recommend you consult your physician before beginning this or any program.

If you have any questions, please schedule your complimentary Hormone Assessment with me. Please only schedule a session if you are seriously considering this program and simply have a few questions you need cleared up.

Your Investment

Level 1 Self-Study Program


  • 8 weeks of self-paced study modules
  • Access to Facebook Group
  • Email access to me
  • Weekly live trainings where you can ask questions
  • BONUS: 2 extra weeks in the group for more support

Pay in Full $697

Save $100+

2 Payments

2 monthly payments of $400

4 Payments

4 monthly payments of $200

For other forms of payment, email me.


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